Trame Sonore Improvisée Pour Film Imaginaire (2011)
(more info here)

Live recording of one of my side projects, Dr Strangelove.

Luminance (2011)
1 track on CDR
(more info here)

One ambient track on this short but stunning compilation!

Christmas Is Not Your Friend (2011)
1 track on CDR
(digital download)

Ambient dronescape, along other tracks of some very talented artists!

Canadian Drones (2011)
1 track on CDR
(available here - $10)

Ambient drones of the hemispherical north kind. Many tracks by several outstanding artists! A 0BPM release.

Europa Memories (2010)
20 minutes on 3" CDR
(available here - $5)

Dronish soundtrack to something unsettling. Bowed strings, crackles, drums and cascading resonances. Self-release.


Strange Encounters - vol. 1 (2010)
1 track on 3" CDR

Compilation released on [walnut+locust]. Sold out.

More info here!

Unshape (2009)
20 minutes on 3" CDR
(available here - $5)

Originally released on [walnut+locust]. Sold out. Rereleased independently with permission.


Mood Weeds (2006)
51 minutes on CDR
(available here - $7)

Beeps, bloops, electronic beats, drones and guitars.


Enter (2003)
1 track on CD

Part of a compilation on Unschooled Records. Sold out.

Non-household Items (2001)
60 minutes on CDR
My first experiments with electronic music. Sold out.



One can purchase any of those marked available from here directly. Paypal is prefered. Prices include shipping in brown bubblewrap envelope. Sometimes some can be purchased elsewhere and I will let that be known with links!

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