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What will (13:12) (DL)

Elsewhere (7:35) (DL)

Unshape (20:05) (DL)

Treetrain (6:32) (DL)

Lumiere Orange dans le Vert (6:47) (DL)

Smile if you are OK (4:11) (DL)

The Government Stole my Banjo (8:34) (DL)

Read a Book (7:25) (DL)

Steam Airplane (9:34) (DL)

Meandering (7:15) (DL)

The Antidote (4:52) (DL)


May appear in future releases in some form or another..

There's a Road at the Top of the Trees (10:35)

Boy (11:14)

Voici la Force de mon Oreille (6:32)

Bipolarism (3:44)

Colour by Needle (3:52)

Lead Tapestry (3:44)
(accidental cover of The Thing)

The End Of Sleep (3:44)